Saturday, September 10, 2011

Double Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Stout

Also Known As: Hagrid's Stout

Yup, I'm that kinda nerd. Anyway, here's the recipe.

Lafayette, IN city water was used

Grain Bill:
9.5 lbs. 2-row Malt, this one was from Canada
18 oz. Quaker quick oats
.75 lbs 120L crystal malt
.75 lbs chocolate malt
.25 lbs Carafa III
1 tbsp 5.2 pH stabilizer

1 oz. Northern Brewer hops 60 min
.75 oz EKG hops 15 min
.25 oz EKG hops 5 min

Danstar Nottingham yeast in primary
Danstar Windsor yeast in secondary

1 can of Hershey's Special Dark powdered cocoa
5 lbs pie cherries in secondary

Mash grains using 15.5 qt water at 153-158 F for 60 min. Strike water about 168 F.
Mash out with 6.25 qt at 168 F for 20 min. Strike water about 202 F.
Fly sparge with 2.75 gal at 168 F.

Boil 60 min with hop additions as noted above. Added chocolate at 5 minutes left in boil.

Primary for 1-2 weeks.

After about 3-4 days, fermentation stuck at about 1.030. This is where Windsor yeast comes in.

For cherries, I brought to 165 F +/- 5 F for 15 minutes. Cooled and put into secondary vessel. Racked beer on top.

Let sit for a day. Then added Windsor yeast. After seeing no bubbler activity for 2 days, checked gravity. Then checked next day. They were the same at about 1.022.

Decided to go ahead and bottle. Probably should have left in secondary another week, but didn't.

Smelled of chocolate at bottling. Tasted like ass. But taste was reticent of Hairy Porter I made, so just needs time in bottle to age. Will update in a couple weeks for results, as that will be about a month in the bottle.

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