Saturday, September 10, 2011


Simple Apfelwein recipe...or hooch, which is kinda what it is. The original recipe is from a homebrew forum, which will be the first or second result in a google search for Apfelwein.

5 gallons apple juice, non-pasteurized, 100% juice
4 lbs dextrose

Mix those however you see fit and put it in a carboy. Add a packet of champagne yeast, or any wine or beer yeast that will handle upwards of 15% alcohol. The champagne yeast lends a drier end product.

Now, this is nice and all, but I wanted something a little more cider like and sweeter. So I did the following for the second batch.

5 gallons apple juice
1 lb dark brown sugar
4 lbs dextrose
2 cinnamon sticks
Capful of whole cloves

I took 3 gallons of the juice and added everything else to it. Brought it to a boil and went 15-20 minutes. Cooled it and tossed it into a carboy with the rest of the juice. Added a pack of champagne yeast and let it go.

About 1 month in, I tried it and tested the SG. Went from 1.100ish to 1.030 in that time and was a little too sweet. Tested again a week later and the same. So, I added another pack of yeast and have let it sit since. This addition saw noticeable activity in the airlock for a few days.

It has since been allowed to sit until cleared and has not been tested. Will bottle once the yeast has appeared to all settle out again, which should be soon. I'll bottle by end of September.

Each taste has been good. Spices come through and the brown sugar definitely added a nice sweetness to it. Definitely more pleasing than the 2 cases of hooch I brewed with the original recipe.

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